Qatar Airways Privilege Club Report: Match

From Air France Flying Blue Gold
To Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Wrote to them ( on first of September, explaining them that my normal flight path has changed form european based to asian based and that the most convenient airline to conduct it would have been with them, so this mean that I would have had upper economy class corporate tickets travels 4-6 times a year from North Africa to Far East, I also explained them that I can choose for the same travel also Staralliance (which I am gold also) or Etihad (which I have benefits through Alitalia gold).
Got an answer 2 days later:

"We appreciate if you could forward the below required documents for our management to review your request.
-Privilege Club membership number
-Copy of a valid other airline FFP card with name and FFP number
-Other airlines FFP account statement stating name, tier and FFP number. (at this point i choose to use the Flying blue card as it's the one that reports more previous flights to and from Far East on the statement to enforce my request).
-Confirmed and ticketed travel on QR, minimum two weeks prior to departure booked in fare class in Economy saver or above. (this one was booked V class but only ten days after the date of submission but it worked the same)
-Once approved, we shall offer you one tier lower, compared with your current tier with other airlines. (YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO CONFIRM AND WRITE CLEARLY THAT YOU ACCEPT ONE TIER LOWER, which I didn't and this delayed the process for another three days because they wrote me back to confirm this)"

Got a reply Sept 5 asking me to confirm that I was accepting one tier lower, which i confirm immediately.
Got the status matched Sept 20 or 21, so after the submission of all the relevant documents it took another 15 days.
From: Guest on October 13, 2016