American Airlines AAdvantage Report: Challenge

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Contacted AA at 1-888-697-5636 about their status challenge program, like others have reported I was given the option to go for Gold (7,000 EQM's and $120 fee) or Platinum (12,500 EQM's and $200 fee) within a 90 day period that could start within the next 6 weeks or could be backdated up to 2 weeks.

Was told that with the Gold challenge I would not be able to enjoy status while doing my challenge, however if I went for Platinum I would have Gold status throughout the 90 day period and would still qualify for Gold status if I failed to meet the Platinum level requirements so long as I surpassed 7,000 EQM's. Although I would not be able to receive a refund for the difference in cost ($80) if I failed to qualify for Platinum, decided it was worth the money to have Gold status throughout the challenge. Very easy and straightforward.
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From: idk0912 on October 24, 2016