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I called Marriott Rewards on 9/16/16 (see previous entry here dated 9/16/16 at StatusMatcher) seeking a status match with my HHonors Diamond. I was instructed then that they don't do status matches but that they do Status Challenges and that I needed to be a Marriott Rewards Silver Elite member in order to receive a Status Challenge to Gold Elite. I was encouraged to seek Silver Elite status and to call back as soon as I achieved that to request a Gold Elite Status Challenge.

I spent the remainder of 2016 achieving Silver Elite status. I called Marriott Rewards today at 801-468-4000 and provided the history of my call from 9/16/16. I requested a Gold Elite Status Challenge and was granted one. The Status Challenge must be completed in 3 full calendar months plus the month you start the challenge so for me I called on 1/6/17 and will have until 4/30/17 to complete the Challenge. The challenge is for 6 STAYS (not nights) in that time period. Also if you try to check-in/check-out of same hotel in consecutive nights they will combine them to 1 stay. Was told I would receive Gold Elite status as soon as the 6th stay posts to my account and that I would have Gold Elite status for the remainder of this year (2017) and for all of following year (2018).

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