TudoAzul Report: Challenge

From Air New Zealand Airpoints Gold
To TudoAzul Sapphire

Emailed a photo of my still-valid *G Air NZ card to safira@voeazul.com.br. I appear to have been given a challenge, requiring me to earn 4000 status credits within 180 days. I have been given interim Sapphire status during the 180 days. (A little bit hard to understand their nonstandard English when emailing - I actually translated my request for status match into Portuguese). Note that Sapphire apparently does not confer lounge access despite being their second highest tier. This was their email:

Thank you for your email and we confirm receipt of the document (image loyalty card) to upgrade validation.

To avoid your category downgrade you have to achieve the requested qualifying points as described in our terms & conditions. You must within 180 days, winning 50% of total qualifying points (4000 qualifying points). Remember that points already accumulated before beginning the Challenge, do not apply to this score.

To meet the challenge, their category will be renewed by the end of next year * (calendar). Failure to comply, you will become a TudoAzul Topazio client for one year from the period end date..

Other rules:

Guests can request status match only once a year;

Points transferred partners and TudoAzul Itaucard credit card also apply to the Challenge, considering relationship existing qualifying points (15: 1 and 10: 1 respectively);

You can use the virtual card available in Azul app for Android and IOS, in addition to the print version to our site;

Welcome score will only be available after the challenge be met.

If you need please call us at: +55 11 4003 3255 (calls collect are not accepted) From 06am thru 12am (Brasilia’s time).

Best regards,
From: Hhh649 on February 22, 2017