Aeromexico Club Premier Report: Deny

From Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus Diamond
To Aeromexico Club Premier Platinum

Dear Mr xxxxxxx,

We inform you that this benefit no longer applies to Individual Club Premier Accounts due to new Elite Match regulations.

As a reminder, we invite you to fly with Aeromexico and start earning Premier Points. You will have Gold Level by earning 50,000 Premier Points or Platinum Level by earning 80,000 Premier Points within a time period of 12 months.

Further, applicable Premier Points are those earned with Aeromexico or SkyTeam and exclude any points earned by Affiliated Airlines, transferred points or purchased points, among others.

We remain at your service for any additional information.

If you require to give an answer, please do it on this e-mail without erase any information.

From: Guest on May 8, 2017