LATAM Pass Report: Deny

From GOL Smiles Diamond
To LATAM Pass Black

I ve asked though DM in tweeter for a match. They ve answer fast opening a case. The day after I ve received an email requesting additional infos (copy of the card, balance of the last 12 months from Smiles/Gold and a prove that I ve flight with latam in the last 12 months). After 40 days I received the email bellow denying the match

"Dear Mr Ms. xxxxxx,

We regret to inform you that our LATAM Pass committee was unable to accept your status match request.

However, we hope you continue interested in our services and we invite you to review how you can become an elite member at

Please keep in mind that this is not an obligatory benefit, and will not always be granted by the corresponding department.

Thank you for understanding.


Patricia Manzo Cueto
AtenciĆ³n al Cliente
LATAM Airlines"
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From: Luis on February 1, 2018