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The unpublished Status Match promotion of RJ has been running TOUGHLY for several years. Finally they published it under name "Top Tier Status Match" which is essentially a Challenge.


Thank you for your interest in our Frequent Flyer Program -Royal Plus
Please note that Top Tier Status Match offered by Royal Jordanian for members holding a top tier status from a major competing airline, equivalent to Royal Plus Platinum or Gold only, and holding a valid loyalty card from the airline, and it is based on the following conditions:

The frequent flyer member must be a current top tier member with a valid membership from the airline.
A recent boarding pass that shows your current status.
A picture of the physical card and a statement of account for the past 12 months.
Should register in the Royal plus program.
In case your status match request was approved , your card and benefits will only be activated after a minimum of 5000 award miles or a one RJ round trip ticket that must be accumulated in the Royal plus account
Status match will be granted once only for the same member.
Platinum member must achieve 50,000 tier miles while Gold member must achieve 30,000 tier miles within the first 12 months to keep the matched status, otherwise the card level will be demoted.
The processing and approval of each status match request is left at the sole discretion and judgment of Royal Jordanian Airlines.

Thank you once more for your interest and we look forward to welcome you on board our flights at all times.
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  From: LuoboTiX on March 11, 2018