Bulgaria Air FLY MORE Report: Deny

From Aeroflot Bonus Gold
To Bulgaria Air FLY MORE

Thank you for choosing FLY MORE Program of Bulgaria Air!

We hope You can become our regular customer and be satisfied with our services. Bulgaria Air highly values its loyal customers and is glad to provide them the opportunity to enjoy high standard of service and flights on our aircrafts.

Unfortunately our program for frequent flying passengers – Fly More - is not bound by programs of other airlines. Bulgaria Air does not participate in alliances or other associations of airlines.

After You collect the required number of bonus points, then You will become a Gold member.

Earning bonus points with FLY MORE program is really easy and does not require any formalities. All you need to do is to announce and request entry of your card number each time you are booking a flight with Bulgaria Air and when you check-in for the flight at the airport. When Bulgaria Air is а partner on a flight, performed by another airline, you will earn points only if the flight is shown in your ticket using the code of Bulgaria Air - FB, regardless of who the operator of the given flight is and the ticket number starts with digits 623.

You can get information on everything related to Fly More program on www.air.bg/en/fly-more/about-fly-more/ .
From: Guest on August 20, 2018