Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Report: Match

From Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club Gold
To Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Silver

Sent email requesting match, was asked to provide past and future travels with Cathay. Upon doing so, I received the following:

"Thank you for contacting the Marco Polo Club Service Centre and for
providing us the requested information.

Based on the information we have already been provided with, we would be
delighted to offer you a direct upgrade of your Marco Polo Club
membership to Silver tier status when you have also FLOWN one-way
between Beijing and Hong Kong in ticket fare type "Q" under ticket
number XXXXXX

On upgrade, a new 12-month membership period with the club points
counter starting from ZERO will then commence on the date upgrade is
processed. This will not affect the Asia Miles credited in your account,
which will remain valid until their expiration if not redeemed."
From: Guest on August 27, 2018