MGM Resorts M life Report: Match

From Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite
To MGM Resorts M life Platinum

Marriott -> mgm mlife with TotalRewards status match

Duration: 4hours

I took the long way to get this but it worked and I got matched while I was playing in the casino.

My status: Marriott Platnium Elite
Goal: mLife Platnium

Step 1: Marriott to LaQuinta:
1) logged onto LaQuinta Website and created new account.
2) logged onto Marriott rewards and screenshot profile
3) clicked customer support and created message with the following:
Dear Customer Service Team,

I was recently made aware that your reward program offers a status match to my current hotel reward program. Please apply the status match to my account. I’ve enclose a screenshot of my current status as well

Name: my name
Address: my address
Marriott Rewards# my number
Marriott Rewards Tier: Platinum Elite
LaQuinta Member Number: my LaQuinta number

Thank you,
My name

Attachment: screenshot from Marriott profile

4) send msg.

Results: Marriott to LaQuinta- Matched within 2 hrs

Step 2: LaQuinta to Wyndham
1) Created Wyndham rewards account
2) Clicked homepage
3) Clicked Merge and Match LaQuinta account
4) Entered LaQuinta Account
5) Status Match confirmed

Results: LaQuinta Elite to Wyndham Platnium - Matched in less than 1 minute.

Step 3: Wyndham to Ceaser Total Rewards (bonus match)
1) logged into Total Rewards
2) clicked Wyndham to Total Rewards Tier match
3) entered Wyndham member number
4) confirmation screen shows Total rewards matched to Wyndham Platinum and account will show new status in a couple hours

Step 4: TotalRewards to Mgm mLife (l was at the casino when I did this part. )
1) open total rewards app and verify new status is shown also verify you have $5-$10 in your pocket
2) goto mLife desk
3) request a status match to Ceasar Total Rewards
4) Open Total Rewards App and screenshot status
5) hand ID to mLife desk
6) wait about 30-90 seconds
7) accept your new MLife Platinum Card
8) pull out $5-$10 and tip the mLife desk

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From: David Hudgins on September 16, 2018