American Airlines AAdvantage Report: Challenge

From Lufthansa Miles and More Senator
To American Airlines AAdvantage

Called AAdvantage 800 number. No straight match but challenge
( call it challenge as the both below are 25000 EQM / 3000 EQD / 30 EQS and 50000 / 6000 EQD / 60 EQS ) :

Gold with 1000 EQD or 7000 EQM or 8 segments

Platinum with 2000 EQD and 12500 EQM and 16 segments

Both of the above within a 90 day window from start of application

Offered straight benefits without waiting / completion time for 310 USD for Gold and 520 USD for Platinum.

Status would be valid throughout January 01st 2020.

No offer for Platinum Pro or Exec Platinum.
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From: Guest on November 12, 2018