Caesars Total Rewards Report: Deny

From MGM Resorts M life Gold
To Caesars Total Rewards Diamond

In December 2018, I was denied tier matching with my mLife Gold to TR Diamond at Harrah's Gulf Coast even though the TR website clearly states they match. I was told at the counter that they could not do it because Harrah's Gulf Coast was NOT my dominant resort. My dominant resort is Harrah's Las Vegas. The TR website does not mention this little fact anywhere that I could find. Harrah's Gulf Coast made a photo copy of my mLife gold card and driver's license and told me they would send it to Harrah's Las Vegas to TRY to get me upgraded. That was a month ago and it has not happened. Has anyone else ever encountered this? Have you been denied because the resort you were at was not your dominant resort? I am wondering if this specific to Harrah's Gulf Coast only or all Ceasar's properties.
Seven Stars
From: Aimee M on January 27, 2019