Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Report: Challenge

From Air France Flying Blue Platinum
To Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Silver

For the last 2 years, I've been status matched to silver by CX from AF. This year, they refused the match for an unknown reason giving me a small challenge I won't be able to fulfill.

I will make a challenge in an other One World company

"Thank you for contacting the Marco Polo Club Service Centre.

Our records show that we already offered you and Ms direct
upgrade to Silver tier in 2017 and 2018. Unfortunately, we are unable to
review your request again. However, we would be happy to count any club
points you and Ms earn until 30 June 2019 towards your current
membership period for membership renewal.

We have made a note of our arrangement in both profiles. Please contact
us again as soon as you accrue another 185 club points and Ms Voronenko
accrues 100 club points between 1 April 2019 and 30 June 2019. We would
be delighted to then reinstate both membership at Silver tier status. On
renewal, all club points will again be reset to zero, and a new 12-month
membership period will begin.

Meanwhile, to check which fare classes are eligible for earning club
points on each of the oneworld airlines, please visit and click "Marco Polo Club", "Club points".

Kind regards

Ryan Wai
Customer Relations Executive
Membership Administration
The Marco Polo Club Service Centre
From: Olivaint on April 25, 2019