LATAM Pass Report: Deny

From GOL Smiles Diamond
To LATAM Pass Black

I followed the intruction of asking by Twitter (@LATAM_CHI) the status match: "Hello, how can I status match my Gol Smiles Diamond to LATAM Pass Black, being LATAM Pass Gold?". I received their reply as follows: "Hi XXX, please send us your full name, both frequent flyer numbers, phone number and email address. Regards." I replied with the requested data, and following that I received an email from them: "Dear XXX, We would like to inform you that, in order to match your frequent flyer member category we need you to responf this email, without modifying the subject, attaching a copy in format .pdf, .jpg or .doc, of the following documents :
- Frequent Flyer Card of the other Airline
- Latest account summary.
As soon as received the information we will evaluate your case and we will have the response in the next 5 working days."
Following the answer I sent an email with the requested documentation.
One day after that, I received the response by email: "Dear XXX, We inform you that the "status match" between LATAM and other airlines are no longer available."
Black Signature
From: Daniel Guelman on May 19, 2019