ONYX Rewards Report: Match

From Best Western Rewards Diamond Select
To ONYX Rewards Platinum

20 June 2019 - 9.40 PM (+7GMT) Sign up for ONXY Rewards and got silver tier +1000 Points. Apply for status match program
21 June 2019 - 9.25 AM (+7GMT) Upgraded to platinum tier.

How I did:
- Go to www.onyx-rewards.com/tier-match/ and follow their instructions
- Upload:
1) Screenshot of my account from Best Western website showing my points and Diamond Select status
2) Diamond Select physical card showing my name, member number and expiry date

Program Instructions:
1) Click www.onyx-rewards.com/tiermatchmember/ and choose your loyalty program to match with ONYX Rewards
2) Submit your documents via Google form

Got an upgrade to platinum tier in the next 12 Hours and 15 Minutes with membership of expiry date of 20 June 2020

Diamond Select
From: Fluke on June 20, 2019