Jurys Rewards Report: Match

From Hilton HHonors Diamond
To Jurys Rewards Floor 3

Sent a inquiry email to juryrewards@jurysinns.com. Replied within 12 hours to say that proof would be needed but they do offer status match.

I sent a screengrab of my Hilton Honors Diamond Overview and a couple of past stay details.

Floor 3 status granted within an hour.

Terms are as follows:
'You would be on this floor for 6 months to start, after 6 months if you have not stayed the 21 nights required to be on this floor we would reduce your membership to the floor that matches your room nights. To be on Floor 3 you need to stay 21 nights or more.'

Jurys don't look at Stays only Nights.

I am based in the UK.
Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3
From: Guest on July 8, 2019