Avis Preferred Report: Deny

From National Emerald Club Executive Elite
To Avis Preferred Chairman's Club

We've send an email to Avis Preferred with proof of membership National EE. The request was denied after a couple of days because " matching is only open for US and Canadian customers" . We were asked to make a new request to Avis Netherlands. Which we did and we are waiting for the answer... don't expect a positive reaction but we'll wait and see.

We were very disappointed because becoming an Avis Preferred Member is no problem at all for European customers. Once you ask for a match with the National Status, it's not open for foreign customers. We stay in the US for over 4 months a year and we are valued customers with, Hertz, National and Alamo.

And yes: we do rent with the company with the best rates for our period of time so we're very happy these companies match their status. We have just matched our National EE status with Hertz Presidents Circle USA without problems. We already had the 5 Star Status with them.

Of course we will try to match our Presidents Circle with Avis but somehow we don't feel very welcome with them.
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From: Guest on August 4, 2019