National Emerald Club Report: Match

From Hilton HHonors Gold
To National Emerald Club Executive Elite

1. Navigate to
2. Fill in the following information member information
a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. Emerald Club Number
d. Email Address
3. Upload a screenshot from of your Hilton Honors Gold status from the desktop site
4. Submit request

i. National's Status Match website never asks what status you would like to receive. After speaking with an Emerald Club representative, they have a chart of exactly what Hilton Honors status maps to what Emerald Club status.
ii. Requesting a status match through the online form gives them up to 7 days to process. Mine took exactly 7 days; I submitted my request on a Friday around 11pm and received my status match to Emerald Club Executive Elite the following Friday afternoon.
iii. If you want to request a status match over the phone, note that the Emerald Club (loyalty program) representatives are only work during standard business hours (Monday - Friday) (Central Time, I believe) and there is no publicly known direct line to speak with one of the representatives, you have to go through the automated reservation line, request to speak with a human, and then get them to transfer you over to their loyalty program department.
Executive Elite
From: Guest on September 9, 2019