Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles Report: Deny

From Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum
To Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles Elite

I've tried for three months to get a Status Match from Qantas Platinum out of Turkish Airlines. It's been very frustrating, and I've finally had a firm no.

Each time I send it a request it takes about 2 weeks, and then finally I get a no saying a certain piece of documentation was missing.

1. Asked for Elite Plus. Got a no, can only match to Elite, but not an offer to match at this level or anything else.
2. Asked for Elite. Rejected. Was told I needed to send in scanned ID as well. Send Driving Licence.
3. Rejected, and asked for a copy of all my Passport pages, not my Driving Licence
4. Was rejected because I obscured my passport number from the scan. Was told I needed total proof of ID.
5. Asked for back of my frequent flyer card, not front.
6. Rejection as by this time my Frequent Flyer card only had 7 weeks validity, not the 8 weeks it needs. Although when I started this process it had FIVE MONTHS validity.
I got the feeling I was dealing with a bunch of idiots who hated me.
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From: Guest on January 4, 2020