NH Rewards Report: Match

From GHA Discovery Platinum
To NH Rewards Silver

Sent an email to NH Rewards, containing information on my GHA Discovery Platinum Status. An email a few days later, was sent to my email address below:

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

First and foremost, we thank you for the trust placed in our loyalty program NH Rewards as well as for sending us your comments. We have escalated your request and we have to inform you that the only possible match we could do is with GHA Discovery Loyalty program (Minor hotels loyalty program). There is no possible correspondence between NH Rewards and Hilton Honors. Are you a GHA Discovery Member ?

I then sent them a screenshot of my GHA Discovery Platinum membership card, and a copy of my GHA Discovery User Profile page, I shortly received another email around 10-15 minutes later, to say I have been upgraded to NH Hotel's Platinum Status Tier below:

Welcome to NH Rewards Silver! Thank you for choosing NH Hotels! You have gained access to the Silver category of NH Rewards. Earn 6% of the net invoice for your accommodation in points. Gift points for every time you book on our website. Your points won’t expire if you come back to visit us!
From: Guest on June 1, 2020