TAP MilesAndGo Report: Match

From Qatar Airways Privilege Club Gold
To TAP MilesAndGo Miles And Go Gold

Signed up to TAP Miles and Go. Completed the online promotional offer and status match form. Sent them proof of status with Qatar Airways (I have Privilege Club Gold Status/Oneworld Sapphire). Took around 3-4 weeks and received this email below:

We apologise for the delay in our response.
The TAP Miles & Go Program is pleased to inform you that your Status Match Campaign Application has been Validated with your TAP Miles&Go account TPXXXXXXXXX.

To continue your journey in this Campaign, you must, within the next 10 days, subscribe to one of the TAP Miles&Go Clubs which allows you to accumulate miles, even without travelling. Some of them will count towards the renewal of your status. Others you can use in discounts, awards and benefits with TAP Air Portugal. Alternatively, you can purchase 4000 miles or more at the Programme's Miles Store.

What are the next steps?

Access your customer area to proceed with the purchase of the TAP Miles&Go Product that you consider most advantageous for you.
If necessary, within a few days, a TAP Miles&Go agent will contact you to answer any questions you may have about the Programme, the Campaign and the Products we suggest as proof of commitment.

Have a question?

Consult the Campaign Regulations or reply to this email, without changing the subject.

Grateful for your attention,
TAP Miles&Go Programme

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I went for the option of purchasing a Club Miles and Go Basic Membership for €99. Campaign, status match and promotional offer completed and upgraded.
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Miles And Go Gold
From: Guest on August 14, 2020