HawaiianMiles Report: Match

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Emailed them from their contact us portal. Took about a week or so. I shared my Delta status. They asked for additional details. All my flights with Delta in 2020. I shared that but also shared that I hadn't traveled much recently due to COVID. They wanted to see that I’ve flown on routes they service. So, I went back to 2019 and 2018 and shared several flights to Hawaii, Japan, Korea and Tahiti, to show that I do travel on routes they service and I’m willing to travel on Hawaiian Airlines in the future. Below is the email I received.

Hawaiian Airlines Reservations: Other - Other

Response By Email (....) (03/31/2021 03:55 PM)
Aloha ......
I'm glad to inform you that your status match request has been approved and you'll now be a Hawaiian Airlines Platinum member through 02/28/2022. This change will take up to 72 hours to reflect online.
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Pualani Platinum
From: Guest on April 1, 2021