Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Report: Match

From National Emerald Club Executive Elite
To Hertz Gold Plus Rewards President's Circle

I sent 3 emails total to hertzstatusmatch@hertz.com

First on June 25, 2021 saying:


My name is Alexander King, My Hertz member number is ######.

I am requesting a status match of National Emerald Club Executive Elite.

See attached screen shot for proof of membership.

Then I sent a second email on June 26 (probably unnecessary) saying this:

Additionally, here is proof of my other high status with Hilton and Marriot.

Then, because I hadn't heard anything back, on July 4th, I sent this:


I am requesting a status match from National Executive Elite to Hertz.

My Hertz membership number is ######.

Attached is proof of my National Executive Elite membership.

Attachment was digital screen shots of my National status.

On July 7th, I got this email from digitalmarketing@hertz.com

Thank you for providing me with that!

I have successfully status matched you to our prestigious President Circle member tier!

Thank you for being a loyal Hertz member!

~ Kind Regards ~

Stacy-Ann Edwards
Social Media Specialist


So it looks like my request got routed to their social media team and she was able to grant it.

Five Star
Executive Elite
President's Circle
From: Alexander King on July 7, 2021