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Marriott Bonvoy to Caesars Total Rewards

1 Have Marriot Gold

2 Email La Quinta with a screenshot of status: Get Elite after only a few hours *YMMV Status Expires Dec 31st...

Marriott Bonvoy to La Quinta Returns

Emailed La Quinta with a screenshot of my Marriott rewards status page and they gave me Elite! Thought they would give me only gold but I...

La Quinta Returns to Wyndham Rewards

easy as going to the Wyndham website and doing it. Status ends on Dec 31st but Wyndham ends on the Jan 11th. Can match back and forth easy

Wyndham Rewards to Caesars Total Rewards

Took about a week after submission but now I have diamond until January 31st 2019. my Wyndham expires on January 11th so I can just match...